Private classes are an option for those who would like to learn quickly, or to go deeper into improving their dance and understanding their body movement.

Our package and happy hour prices offer the possibility to learn tango quickly and profoundly in a private setting.

The classes have the same price whether you participate alone or in a couple. It is an excellent opportunity for a couple -in dance or in life- to learn tango. Each lesson takes 60 min.

PRICES (incl VAT (moms) & studio)

Standard price
750 SEK (1 teacher)
950 SEK (2 teachers)

Happy hour
(Mon-Fri 10.00-17.00)
600 SEK (1 teacher)
750 SEK (2 teachers)

Package price
Buy 5 classes get 6
Buy 8 classes get 10

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Available times 




Special from 1st January 2018

we offer private lessons online.  Cheaper than the regular lessons.

If you wish to know more about it you are welcome to contact us

via phone +46739057786 or email :