Tango Lärarna


Giorgio Regnoli

I work constantly and obsessively on the basics of tango, the embrace and the walk. This path leads to true dancing and the most authentic elegant, organic movements.

I believe that reinforcing the basic structure of the dance and then consciously working at the edge of it, opens the door to creativity, fun and art. So my aim is to improvise in my dancing but I use the same system also when I create choreographies.


[Photo by Kinga Lakner]


Kristin Lohse

I really enjoy venturing into the nerdiest spaces of my imagination, searching for tango and technique. What I adore most in tango is how my body feels when moving to the music together with another dancer. Whether it is musicality, ease, intensity, expression or beauty that is the most present quality in a dancer, it impresses me to sense it in him or her, and it inspires me to meet them with my own.


[Photo by Kinga Lakner]


Maja Lofgren

I started dancing tango in 2010 when I was living in Argentina and since then I’m stuck. I studied tango during my three years in Argentina until I came back to Stockholm where I discovered the great tango scene here. For me dancing tango is a feeling you express, I totally go into myselft and focus on the connection between me and my dance partner. The music, the embrace and the connection make tango the most beautiful dance, once you start you will never stop!