Classes description

The Monday class (HAVE FUN) is a class where we show, a step, a move, or an idea to work on during the following practica session or in your own training. We create the topic from the basics and we show how to use it in a increasingly advanced way.

The Wednesday class (DANCE STRONG ..not stiff) is on personal technique, intended as technique for the walk, enrosques, ochos, adornos and various movements as well as leading technique, connection technique, woman/follower role.  It is often wrongly believed that tango is a dance for non dancers or unfit people, or weak dancers. In reality it is rather the opposite as we need good core, balance and flexibility at the same time. Therefore we will make use of exercises from yoga and pilates and fitness in these classes as well. Learn with us how to dance strong.

The Thursday class (DANCE in MUSIC) is on musicality. What does it mean to dance in music in tango? What is our role?  What is the meaning and the use of the pause? How to dance the rythm or the melody?  How to dance vals or Milonga ? We are sure you have certainly wondered about the musicality part of the dance but never really stably worked on it. Learn with us how to dance in music.


You can attend all classes as single but we do not guarantee the partner. Some exercises will be in couple therefore if you find a partner it is preferable although not necessary.

All classes are drop in. You buy a punch ticket card (klippkort) or a golden card which you will  show to the teacher each time you pop up at the lesson.