Classes description

The Monday class (HAVE FUN) is a class where we show, a step, a move, or an idea to work on during the following practica session or in your own training. We create the topic from the basics and we show how to use it in a increasingly advanced way.

The Wednesday class (DANCE STRONG ..not stiff) 

Here we train Argentine Tango for Beginners 2, intermediate and advanced level students. These classes will change for many of you the perspective of how we dance this dance. More focus on the embrace will give a comprehensive way and system on how to walk, connect, have balance and improvise on the dance floor. For this reason we will also complement the course with Pilates and core exercises or others…This is not a course where you learn figures although we will make use of them for explanatory purposes. Here the idea is to master tango classic and discover all the strength contained in it. Become in contact with the partner in the embrace and use the power of the embrace to create. Finally because of this different take we open the course also to experienced dancers of other dances as we are very confident to make them able to dance this dance via this system as well.

Argentine tango : Embrace, walk…have fun, enjoy.

The Thursday class (DANCE in MUSIC) is on musicality. What does it mean to dance in music in tango? What is our role?  What is the meaning and the use of the pause? How to dance the rythm or the melody?  How to dance vals or Milonga ? We are sure you have certainly wondered about the musicality part of the dance but never really stably worked on it. Learn with us how to dance in music.


You can attend all classes as single but we do not guarantee the partner. Some exercises will be in couple therefore if you find a partner it is preferable although not necessary.

All classes are drop in. You buy a punch ticket card (klippkort) or a golden card which you will  show to the teacher each time you pop up at the lesson.